Virtual Reality




Virtual Reality




Take to the skies on your wedding day with our Ultra HD drone!

Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality or 360° video is a brand new, fully immersive 3D video format that transports you back into the moment. With 360° video you are now the director of your video, controlling the angles.

the technology

We use an Ultra HD 3D Vuze camera to capture every angle of your wedding day.

The Vuze combines 8 cameras and 4 built in microphones which completely records every angle of the room, meaning you won't miss a moment. 

Our VR camera also records in 4k, providing you with the highest quality 360° wedding video.

This style of videography ensures not a single moment is missed and is perfect for recording key events such as the ceremony, first dance and speeches. It also makes the ideal gift for loved ones who are unable to attend on the day. 

How to watch?

Virtual reality videos can be easily uploaded and viewed on YouTube and Facebook. 

Insert your smartphone into a VR headset for the full 360° experience. Control the angle of the video by moving your head.

We provide 2x Google Cardboard headsets with each virtual reality package.


Bring your Grandchildren to your wedding

Memories eventually fade. VR transports you back to a moment. 

Imagine years from now being able to step back into your wedding day.

Don't let those memories get lost, future proof those special moments with immersive 4k 360˚ video.

It also makes the ideal gift for loved ones who are unable to attend on the day. 


We provide the final edited video in MP4 format along with 2x Google Cardboard VR headsets, easily used with any smartphone.

Add a virtual reality video to any package from just £250


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