Wedding videos are easy (it’s everything else that is hard)!

The last 8 of years we have been busy. Honing our wedding video skillz (yup that’s skillz with a z). 

We have been learning how to tell the best story, see the most attractive angles and find the most lovely light. We have learnt how to use new techniques to create stunning visuals like...


Double exposure,

slow motion,

Time remapping & loads more fun stuff!



We've been getting stuck into new technologies as well!




A virtual reality wedding video allows you to become the director of your own wedding video.

It's less like a traditional wedding video and more of an interactive experience (use the headset for the best results. The first time people try this they always beam and laugh!)



If you have a beautiful venue and the sun is shining, there is nothing better than taking to the skies and showing it off! It’s a great tool to have in the videographer's tool belt and adds to our cinematic approach.





Filming with gimbals makes all the shots for your wedding video look oh so smooth!



We left DVD’s back in 2016 where they should stay (we can always make an exception if you mum still hasn’t caught up) and have adopted USB’s.
Because we film everything in 4K, it seemed heartbreaking the reduce the quality by a factor of 4 just to put it on a DVD - so we don’t!

We give you both the highlight video and the feature film on one pretty big (16GB) USB so you can watch it in full quality and easily share with friends and family.
(It's a perfect excuse to get that new 4K TV!)


The newest addition to the family.

We have partnered up with Lifestyle Photography to bring you this - all your memories in one box.

 (Forget the cat - this is the ultimate possession to lift if the house is burning down.)

(THAT’S 2017) -  WHAT'S NEW IN 2018? 

Finding our mojo!

At the start of the year, I sat down and said, ‘Hey Laura, what makes us different?’

We come from a film and television background, so why not show that off and create a boat load of engaging content.


At the time of me writing this at 2:17pm on the 28th of March 2018, all of our ideas are still coming together in a big melting pot of creativity…

I normally live by the golden rule of under promise and over deliver but I will commit all of this in stone with GreenHouse Wedding Videos Creative 2018 Timeline.