We love film. It may be a little biased, but it’s a love we feel like we need to share.

Here are 7 reasons why you absolutely need to hire a wedding videographer:

1. You can’t be everywhere at once. So much happens on your wedding day combined with the adrenaline and nerves, many special moments will be missed and others will be forgotten.
A video gives you the opportunity to see what your partner is getting up to in the morning, to show you that your guests are having fun while you’re with your photographer. It preserves the memories of dad’s jokes throughout his speech or your aunt singing during the ceremony. Pictures can capture these things, but not like video can.

"When you have your back to the audience, you don’t get to see their looks and expressions. You miss so much, and all those expressions are for the words you say and the things you do. Even if you did get to look at them, there would be so many that you would miss some of the treasured moments. When you have a videographer there, you will capture all those moments, the smiles and even the whispers forever" 


2. Weddings bring the whole family together, making your wedding video all the more important. It gives you the ability to look back and see them all together at that stage of their lives. In my eyes, a truly special thing.



3. We live in the digital era. Technology has never been better. With video cameras becoming smaller and better quality, a good videographer will be able capture your wedding in super high definition, cinematic quality.


4. There is always the chance that people can’t come to your wedding day, due to illness or even distance. A wedding video allows your family or friends all over the world to feel as if they were there on the day.


5. Remember the joy you got at looking back at your grandparent’s wedding photos. For me, seeing how young they looked and the fashions at the time always fascinated me. But you can never get a true representation of the day with just photos. Now imagine being able to show your grandchildren your wedding video. They will be able to not only see the fashion and nice moments between you both, but also hear your story - your father’s speech or the song you danced to for the first time as a married couple. All in all, it transports them back to the day, the way you remember it.



6. It’s a chance to have your very own love story. A professional videographer will discreetly capture those special moments you have with each other and blend it seamlessly together with your day, creating a beautiful story of not only your wedding, but of your relationship together.


7. No regrets. Not hiring a wedding videographer is one of the most common regrets for newly married couples. Don’t wait until after the wedding to find out you should have hired one.

"I regret not having one. I thought that I'd never watch it and I'd have my pictures, but there's a lot of your wedding that, as the bride, you don't get to see. For example, I wish I could see what was going on inside my ceremony tent before I got there. I wish I could see my bridesmaids walk in. The whole thing went by so fast—I'd kill to have more memories of it."

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