What do you know about Virtual Reality?

What do you know about Virtual Reality?

Not much?

I don't blame you but trust me you are going to be hearing more and more about this new tech!

The race has been on with camera makers, content producers and distributers rushing to be the leading company in the virtual reality marketplace.


Neflix, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube and Sony are all part of a huge list of companies battling it out to see who can become the household name for Virtual Reality.

So expect soon to watch a BBC documentary through your Netflix account while wearing your Facebook headset.


So what is Virtual Reality?
Virtual Reality gives the user the ability to be fully immersed in the action: to look around, see, hear and completely experience a situation in a game, documentary or film using just a VR headset. It is essentially the closest thing to actually being there.

Would you like to invite your grandchildren to your wedding?

Virtual Reality for weddings

What if you could have a front row seat at your ceremony, spin in the middle of the dance floor or stand next to your dad as he gives his speech all over again?

VR is the future but it will connect you to your past.

We love video in all its varieties and think you should to!

With a cinematic highlight video, we use our skills and creative eye to capture your day for your friends and family to see.

With Virtual Reality, you are the director. A turn of the head will show you a new angle and may show you something you (or the videographer) may not have noticed on the day. We make sure to capture those most important moments and re-create the day as if you were there again. Experience something new every time you watch and in turn experience your wedding differently as many times as you can imagine.

How does it work?

The Technology

With VR today, we can create powerful 360 degree video in 4k resolution and 360 sound with a state of the art camera.

We start by figuring out what's important to you and how to best capture that. Using a "VUZE" camera, this captures 360 degrees in 3D using 8 Ultra HD lenses and 4 microphones! 

The final video can be watched on any smartphone which can be enhanced with a Google Cardboard headset or any other mobile friendly VR headsets.

Just tilt your head, look around and be fully immersed!


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